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About Whitney

Transformational coach and mentor

As a transformational mentor, Whitney helps you achieve big results.

This work is a little like coaching, a little like spiritual healing, and a little like therapeutic counseling. As a mentor, the focus is on finding each person's unique path to emotional and mental freedom increasing self-confidence while building a connection with the authentic self. And it's fun.

Whitney has 25 years experience positively  transforming power struggles, weight issues, oppressive grief, autoimmune disorders, bad habits, anxiety, and financial ceilings.

She has condensed her learning into powerful, proven sessions that transform the most difficult situations, so that people can let go and start living a better life.

Whitney is a mom, wife, author, speaker, certified EFT practitioner, and founder of Specific Meditation Technique. She is proud to have been blessed by the Dalai Lama and to have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by a former client.

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