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Success Stories

transformation success stories
Success Stories

While Whitney Riley cannot guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome of an individual using her services for any particular issue or problem, her clients report having positive experiences. Here is what they have to say:

Alexander's Story​

I started working with Whitney firmly convinced that I had no issues to overcome whatsoever.  Yes, I was above my ideal weight. Yes, I had some frustrations about work and my current status within the company.  But I was working on those.  I was handling it.  It was being taken care of already. 

So, with no issues at all, really, I somewhat reluctantly began working with Whitney. It didn’t take long to discover that I did have several red-buttons that got pushed all the time leading to self-sabotage.

My father’s complete abandonment of our family, long ago (I thought I had dealt with) turned-out to be a major contributor to my self-confidence (or lack thereof), an unseen governor on my assessment of success in business and a devious saboteur that silently pushed me to be less successful and more fat. At my core, I didn’t really believe I was worthy of making more money and being an unlovable fat person was just who I was, and I made sure it stayed that way. Wow, who knew!? 

And even when I did eventually double my earnings working with Whitney, our sessions revealed other beliefs that suggested that I might be able to do more. “I just DOUBLED my income, haven’t I proven enough?!" It turns out that I was still troubled by other long-ago handled issues that covertly conjured needless chaos and conflict. I was still angry… and apparently at a self-created boogey-man that didn’t actually exist. 

Today, 20 pounds lighter and now making over 7 times my original income, I believe I can do anything.  I’m also keenly aware that I still have some deeply held beliefs of which I’m not so keenly aware. 

Whitney’s process is unique. She has an uncanny way of routing out demons, real or imaginary. And then gently supplying me with the tools to slay them, one by one. There is absolutely no doubt about it.  I’m calmer, stronger, thinner and more successful because of the amazing work I’ve done with Whitney. “Start Your Better Life” is not a slogan to me.  It’s just what happens.

Best Regards,


Lisa's Story

I came into my first session with Whitney overwhelmed by my self-improvement goal. With Whitney’s guidance I was able to access stories I had been carrying, past traumas and my feelings about them, and identify patterns, and gently process all of this energetically in a single session.

As we continued to meet regularly we began to think big. After each session I would somehow find myself on the other side of a block that I could not have identified on my own. Each session uncovered a deeper understanding of my blocks and patterns, and consequently of my true self and what I truly wanted to accomplish.

Today I am more peaceful, energized, self-assured, and accomplished. The old way of enduring has dissolved, and I am empowered and free. I would encourage anybody, no matter their circumstance to work with Whitney. Whether you are successful or struggling, well or unwell, this work is for you! It is truly a transformative and invaluable process. You will not walk out the same person as you were when you walked in. You will live an amazingly better life.

Sincerely yours,

Lisa Rosato

Amanda's Story

Transformative, necessary, and life altering are just a few words to describe Whitney's transformational mentoring.


For the past 8 months, my life had been in utter chaos and stress homeschooling two children and being isolated due to the pandemic. I was feeling so completely overwhelmed by life and I didn't know how to get myself out of the fight or flight cycle. I wasn't sleeping and I was constantly in a state of panic and despair.


Whitney's method helped me to uncover the source of all the stressors in my life. Through her process I was able to identity the root of my stress and release that stress.


After only one session, I was able to let everything go. I let go of the emotional connection to the stressors so even now when I think of those things that caused anxiety and despair, I don't feel the intense emotion that I did before. I am so grateful for having gone through this process. It is truly amazing and life changing!


Nancy's Story

"I'm doing a series of sessions with Whitney, and it's changing my life in such a good way. I feel more at peace with myself. I am releasing shock and long-term stress from my body/mind.  I have less pain in my body.

I have been able to process old traumas that I have been "working on" with various therapies for many years. 

Whitney has incredible skills to see what is moving through me and name the unmet needs that created trauma, and bring them to light, so that they can be met in the NOW.

The way she facilitates EFT is unique to her and it is brilliant. I am very familiar with EFT and for me--she's the best. 

She is empathetic, tuned in, kind and funny, even while processing heavy shadow work. She understands how to work with the earthly, human part of me that gets stuck in old patterns and my Spirit that soars and knows all is LOVE, even when some experiences in life sure don't look or feel that way.

If you are ready to really heal, reach out to her."

Nancy Kern, Spiritual Coach 

Julie's Story

My experience sharing Whitney's transformational methods has been amazingly healing. I was introduced to Whitney's practice more than a year before I started. Now that I have worked with her I can truly say that it is her gift and passion.

My story starts with the severe mood disorders I was experiencing due to menopause. Sleeping became almost non-existent. Crying spells would come on and last 3 hours at a time. Working with Whitney gave immediate and positive results every time. 

Whitney helped me with things that go all the way back to early childhood. I found freedom from believing that everything my mother told me about myself and life wasn't necessarily true or correct. I had internal anger regarding stupid rules and an inability to recognize or let go of ingrained beliefs that I had learned and held on to the belief and the anger. In some situations I felt Whitney was able to read right through me without me sharing or even being in touch with the issue. Her intuition and connection to me was awesome. 

One other issue that Whitney helped me through was when I had ongoing physical pain and numbness in my arms and hands. Working with her brought about immediate relief and it has not returned.

I have no idea where I would be without the help from Whitney. She has been working with me for approximately 12 weeks and I know in my heart and soul that her mentoring has brought me to letting go of the past and becoming a healthier minded individual.

I would highly recommend working with Whitney! She loves what she does. Her belief in this work along with her memory, intuition, love of health and life all make her the best at what she does.


Julie Bartos

Dan's Story

I'm 37 years old and have been dealing with social anxiety since I was 14. When I was 26 it started to REALLY affecting my life. I would have panic attacks. It didn't matter where they would happen or how they happened, but I would associate the fear and terror with the place or thing and that would become a new trigger. Basically, if I had one driving, I would have a fear of driving; if I had one in an elevator, I'd stop using elevators. See where I'm going with this? At a certain point, I was pretty much paralyzed and didn't leave the house. I even had a barber come and cut my hair at home. 

I've found ways to deal and cope with the anxiety, but had not found the root cause of where or why these attacks came. Sometimes they just happen out of nowhere.

Whitney has a way of rating an issue. I rated our first session's issue at ten (the highest, most stressed out you can be). I walked out that day feeling the issue was a two, maybe a one. My chest felt lighter, I could breathe easier. I just felt better. She helped me find where all of this is coming from in our second session.

After talking to Whitney for a while she gets a feel for your energy. She has a way of knowing exactly what you mean when you are trying to explain (or have difficulties explaining) your feelings.

The reason I am writing this is because I think Whitney has a gift helping people. She has helped me and I think she could help you too. I told friends how skeptical I was in the beginning, but when I walked out of my first session, you could have slapped me and I wouldn't have been more surprised. Actually having a tangible notion about an emotion that can be worked on and remove its negative impact on the mind, body, and spirt is priceless. It gives me hope that I can feel better and live a normal life AND that it is perfectly normal to feel the way I do. My body was/is coping with a life that was tough. I thought I had to live my life a certain way - a routine to cope and a way to just grind through the days. Happiness and feeling good wasn't my priority. Whitney has given me hope that I can enjoy my life. Hope in itself is powerful. I think Whitney's program is even more powerful than hope!

Thank you for reading my letter to you. If you choose to work with Whitney I believe your future will be brighter and healthier.



Travis's Story

Oh, where to start. I’ve been going to group and therapy since I can remember. Having an alcoholic step father I began going to AA with my family since I was 6. I’m a huge advocate for self-care and wellness. When you go to therapy, it’s immensely helpful to talk about concerns, issues, and problems, but you keep going back, for often times the same things. I have gone with friends and family to AA/NA/Self-Harm/Sex-Addicts/LGBTQ support groups/Youth Groups etc. I have also been to several one on one counselors over my 26 years and Whitney stands tall in performance, care, and results.


This is what sets Whitney apart. You come forward with the tip of an iceberg of an issue. I use this metaphor as you only see the tip of the problem above the water, but it goes miles and miles deeper under the waters of your history and subconscious. These deep rooted problems, trauma, and history manifest and come out in ways you may not even be aware of.


Coming to Whitney I was skeptical at first, being unfamiliar with tapping and her methods. My mother was a huge advocate, and believed I could benefit from meeting with Whitney. I'm always game to meet with a professional and talk, so I gave her a chance. These sessions are usually 2-4 hours in length, long form, and meant to really get under the armor and barriers we put forward, and get to the true root of the problem.


From the first session I was blown away. I have had some issues with therapists in the past, and how they conduct themselves, and their work, in often extremely clinical and cold manners. Whitney provided compassion, warmth, and non judgmental viewpoints and perspectives, regardless of the subject manner.


We have laughed, cried, and brought much needed sunlight to some very dark places in my life.


After every session, every deep dive into the heart, mind, and subconscious, I truly feel that I have shed the weight of past history, present problems, future worries, and laid these demons to rest. Absolutely transformative and evolutionary. It’s hard to get to the next level, but it’s called growing pains for a reason. Whatever your problems, issues, traumas, or concerns are, past, present, future, Whitney is there with open arms, a sharp, qualified mind, and caring heart, to help. Having done extensive work with her. I truly feel she has helped me shed my doubts, and be brave enough to go for, and achieve, my true potential.


Thanks so much Whitney, for all the good you do.



Carol’s Story

Thanks to the work I’ve done with Whitney, I have doubled my income and substantially increased my net worth. 


But in terms of an abundant, successful, and loving life, these achievements are simply the latest in a series of expansions Whitney has helped me to allow into my life. 


Things that were a huge struggle, or even impossible, are now possible. Deeply held core beliefs that I didn’t know I had and that were holding me back have now dissolved in the light of self-awareness and self-compassion.


How did this happen? Whitney helped me process childhood traumas that compelled me to do things that made me miserable and kept me from allowing myself to enjoy my life.


I now have time to do the work I feel called to do, as well as more time for relaxing, daydreaming, creativity, and having fun.


I can I now see things from my own perspective and make choices in my own best interest. I no longer feel compelled to take care of others at the expense of myself.


My relationships with my partner, my family, my friends, and my coworkers have all transformed immensely. They are easier, more relaxed, and more fun.


Before doing this work, I was a supporting character in other people’s dramas. Now, I’m the lead in my own life story.


I feel that this still doesn’t adequately express the level of transformation.  It’s so different. It’s like I’m inhabiting my own body for the first time. 


Also, to really help understand how I feel, I’d worked with various therapists for at least 10 years, and I remained controlled by early trauma until doing this process with Whitney. 


Listen to Jimmy Cliff’s I Can See Clearly Now. That’s how I feel. 


Bonnie's Story

I started working with Whitney during a recent job search that was filled with an unusual amount of obstacles in my path. 


Within 12 hours of our session, I had clarity and confidence in my path forward. It was like someone swept out the cobwebs and threw open the windows. Each subsequent session brought in more information, more clarity, more peace. 

In hindsight, it's weird to think about all that I was resisting beneath the surface.

Whitney's sessions are easy and informal and laced with humor, sensitivity, and kindness. If you are looking for the roadmap for your journey, I highly recommend taking Whitney along as your guide.

Bonnie Karpay

Alanda's Story

I first met Whitney when I was working as a server as an undergraduate. She's one of those people that you instantly like. Her smile is infectious. She exudes warmth and love for everyone.

Our lives have intersected for over 20 years here and there. Since we've known each other for so long, she was aware of pieces of my story. Most recently, I struggled with pain that seemed to be never ending. I was skeptical about this work would address the pain in my arm. After all, I'd had two surgeries for the damage caused from overuse. 

I figured, why not? So I booked an appointment. And there was my friend, her smile, and her love filled the room and gave me hope.

I had no expectations when we started. Through her work, emotional trauma that I thought I had dealt with or was, at least, aware of, unlocked. I have always known that our experiences shape us, but through doing this work, I learned that these experiences also hold us back because they lock onto us as we carry them around as adults. I became aware of stories I told myself my entire life. They went back to a very early age and were deeply connected to my step-father.

After my first session, my arm felt different. As we continues, over time I did not feel the pain that I had felt every day for months and years.

Whitney's deep understanding of how to help an individual through her healing gift is uncanny. As humans, we need to be healthy, happy, and whole to life the most awesome lives we can, but we prevent access to what the universe holds for us because of these harmful stories we repeat for years.

Working with Whitney brought a sense of personal healing and calmness. Her healing powers are remarkable and without a doubt, I'd recommend anyone who is ready to live a better life to seek her help and guidance. 

Alanda Carter

Michelle's Story​

I am absolutely amazed with the results of Whitney’s work.  I went to see her thinking I wanted to handle public speaking fears, but I left being able to handle life fears.   While I don’t really understand how it works, I know that when I started, I was a bundle of nerves, emotions and your basic basket case not dealing well with the stress and pressures of work, life, and relationships.  And now, I am constantly surprised at the person I see in the mirror.  What once would have upset me or sent me down a dark rabbit hole, simply has very little effect, I can handle stress and upset so much better now, I am much more at peace and decisions that once would have frozen me in my tracks are now simply not an issue as I am self-empowered to decide how I choose to live my life.   We all have baggage of some sorts, whether we acknowledge it or not, it’s there.  This work has allowed me to lighten that load.




Jennifer's Story

I found my entire life changing before my eyes when I decided to embrace the process and work with Whitney. When I was allowed to explore old areas of thought that had me stuck, I felt empowered to do something different. Instead of being consumed with fear, resentment and anger I felt free and excited about life once more. I began to have a heart of gratitude, and joy filled my life. 

Through the 12 week program I started practicing self love and accepting the people around me. When most people would have described my life as falling apart, I felt calm and confident that everything would turn out as it was supposed to turn out. AND IT DID!!!

I can say that without a doubt the old me would have be anxious, depressed, and emotionally attacking everyone around me. I no longer had to try as hard to be the "calm" parent, or the "affectionate" partner. After working with Whitney it just felt natural. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to work with Whitney and find these tools that have transformed my life!!



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