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Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

A gentle, effective protocol healing the emotions of overwhelm

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  • 750 US dollars

Service Description

Starting June 10th through August 26th 2021 Learn and master techniques and a proven protocol to calm your nervous system in the most overwhelming emotions: anxiety, fear, worry, sadness, disappointment, anger, resentment, regret, guilt, shame. Image saying those words and not feeling the pang and chaos of escaping them. Instead of protecting, deflecting, and blaming others for those feelings, we have emotional freedom as we sort through a lifetime of stories that bring information to the present moment, but no longer bring us overwhelming pain that we must do anything - including sabotage our lives - to avoid or suppress. In this 12 week course, we 1. move through the wheel of negative emotions, calming the energy body with EFT, body work exercises, and an idea dump. 2. Validate what you have been carrying in a deeply experiential and private way. 3. Create a map of what we want to experience instead of the past patterns and unconscious habits. 4. Make a plan for what we want that includes the hurtles we know we will face and how we will navigate them. This powerful course is for people who are ready to transform their lives in a big way. It is for people who are tired of feeling bad, feeling unworthy, who are done with playing small and feeling inadequate. It is for people who are ready to conquer the anxiety, stress, and overwhelm that steals their joy and makes life feel like they are carrying a thousand extra pounds. This course is for anyone who is ready to put down that extra struggle for good. The person on the other side of taking this course is cheering you on to take that leap. That person who feels lighter, freer, calmer is already inside nudging you towards your best self. Sign up, join us and let your brightest light shine.

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