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The caterpillar was always the butterfly.

Meet Whitney

Welcome to my website and your launchpad to your better life. I’ve worked for 25 years to transform grief into grace, frustration into satisfaction, blocks into abundance, anger into peace, and struggle into self-love. Together with my clients, we've shed pounds, quit smoking, alleviated chronic pain, transformed relationships, found dream jobs, and discovered things we could never have imagined would start our better lives. 

Start Your Better Life

You can have the better life you have been longing for right now. Start with a guaranteed upgrade, targeting the areas of stress, blocks, and resistance that have been keeping you spinning in the same spot for years. How much does it cost you to stay in a stressful, frustrating rut? Find out what holds you back. Clear it, experience more peace and satisfaction, and start your better life today!

Individual & Group Sessions

I partner with you. Whether in a group or individual session, I gently help catapult you into a gentler, lighter, more successful you. The key ingredient to transformation lies within you. I listen for it and guide you every step of the way. 

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