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Day 9 of 11 Day Tapping Challenge: Finding Power in the Present Moment

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Do you ever find yourself feeling miserable in the present moment - projecting or worrying or imagining what the future holds?

Today we’re going to go through a tapping meditation to release all of our emotions from a future that hasn’t happened yet. When we do that we step into our greatest power by being in the present moment - the only place where we have any power to do anything about anything.

By dropping the fear, anxiety, and stress of worrying, projecting this worry and fear into the future, or catastrophizing outcomes we allow ourselves to be calm in the present moment. We see what is happening right now so we make choices that don’t feel as difficult, the outcome isn’t all or nothing, we stop feeling stuck or paralyzed about all the terrible stuff that may or may not happening and choose how we want our future to unfold.

Letting go of the future doesn’t mean we stop planning. It means we let go of the mental and emotional projections that stop us from doing our plans.

We neutralize the mental and emotional AND physical hijacking so we can be powerful and clean in our present. Make moves without feeling like we are spinning our wheels using all our resources to stay in the same place year after year.

Or we stay afraid to take action.

Or we are so afraid we take all kinds of crazy actions that result in feeling bad. Sadly, this fuels our inner story about how we can never get what we’re trying so hard to achieve.

Jump in and try this meditation. It is day 9 of an 11 day series focused on getting us into the present moment.

Today let’s release our emotions from being so caught up in a future that literally steals all of our present resources even though it hasn’t happened and may never actually happen. If you want the power to stop feeling heavy, strung out, and bad about things that haven’t happened:

1. notice how you’re being impacted by your thoughts and feeling

2. Switch the control this projecting has over you by validating and neutralizing them

3. Create the thoughts and feeling you want instead.

Feel strong, feel clear, feel grounded in this quick five minute tapping meditation to be the best you right here, right now. You can only make a difference in your life in this present moment.

The past is over.

The future has not happened yet.

What do you want right now?

Remember the caterpillar was always the butterfly.

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