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Day 11 of 11 Day Tapping Challenge: Finding Power in the Present Moment

I AM statements are very powerful. In today’s quick tapping video we affirm,


One way the I AM statement gets it’s power is from dropping the adjective we desire from the other. Sometimes we define our worth, successes, esteem, and life through the deep inter-tangled nature of relationship: boss to employee, colleague to colleague, parent to child, teacher to student, romantic partner to partner, person to person.

We are social beings connected through deep tribal systems. These systems are distorted in today’s competitive, airbrushed psychosocial environment. Instead of finding comfort in our groups and tribes we often feel separate, inefficient, and vulnerable seeking approval and external proof of worthiness.

Are you beautiful only when someone else affirms it? Or are you beautiful because you are always beautiful?

Are you successful only when you have achieved what society says success is? Or are you successful because whatever you are doing is success.

Are you loved only when you abide by certain standards and rules? Or are you loved because you believe love is constant?

Have you missed the opportunity to have the life you want because only certain things can be done at certain ages? Or is life here for you no matter where you are in your journey?

I AM statements hold the power to shatter the invisible box that keeps you suspended like a display for the other to define, manipulate, and give and takeaway a purpose.

The truth is this: you are here.

In the beginning of your life - you are.

In the middle of your life - you are.

In the end of your life - you are.

I AM statements do not increase the separation between us. In affirming I AM you open up to the realization that the other IS also.

It’s powerful. Give it a try in today’s quick tapping meditation I AM HERE.

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